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General Larry D. Welch Deterrence Writing Award

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2022 Award Winners

Deterring, Countering, and Defeating Conventional-Nuclear Integration

Dr. Justin Anderson, National Defense University
Lt Col James R. McCue, USAF

Revitalizing America's Low-Yield Deterrent

Cadet First Class Alexander R. Kleitz, U.S. Air Force Academy


2021 Award Winners

Russia and Western Concepts of Deterrence, Normative Power, and Sanctions

Dr. Viljar Veebel, Baltic Defence College

Deterring Terrorist Organizations in Times of a Global Pandemic

Mr. Grant Van Robays, University of Nebraska-Omaha


2020 Award Winner

Strategy in the New Era of Tactical Nuclear Weapons

Colonel Joseph D. Becker, USA


2019 Award Winners

India's Deterrence Goldilocks Dilemma in South Asia

Mr. Geoffrey Brown, Georgia Institute of Technology

Extended Deterrence and Resilience in the Baltic States

Second Lieutenant Liam J. Connolly, U.S. Air Force Academy


2018 Award Winner

Xi Jinping's Rise and Aspirations: Prospect Theory Analysis

Victoria Cera
Daniel Flynn
Dr. Keith Payne
James To
Michelle Wietbrock


2017 Award Winners

Perception is Reality: The ROK's Displeasure with the US Tailored Deterrence Strategy

Barbara J. Hirz

Russion Information Warfare & Implications for Deterrence Policy

Media Ajir
Shelby Haas
Bethany Vailiant