United States Strategic Command Offutt Airforce Base, Nebraska

2016 United States Strategic Command Deterrence Symposium

July 27 - 28, 2016 | La Vista, NE | La Vista Conference Center

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27 JULY 2016  



8:00-8:05          OPENING REMARKS

  • Major General  Clinton E. Crosier, Director of Plans and Policy, U.S. Strategic Command

8:05-8:25          WELCOMING REMARKS:  Commander’s Perspective

  • Admiral Cecil D. Haney, Commander, U.S. Strategic Command

8:25-8:55          Keynote Speaker: Perspectives on Deterrence

  • Mr. Brian McKeon, Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

8:55-9:25          Keynote Speaker: Perspectives on Deterrence

  • General Curtis Scaparrotti, Commander, U.S. European Command

9:25-9:55          Keynote Speaker: Perspectives on Deterrence

  • General Joseph Votel, Commander, U.S. Central Command

9:55-10:15        BREAK

9:55-10:25        MEDIA AVAILIBILITY

  • Admiral Cecil D. Haney, Commander, U.S. Strategic Command

10:15-11:45      PANEL #1Given the complex & rapidly changing security environment, how do we ensure our deterrent and assurance capabilities remain credible?    

  • Moderator: Honorable Madelyn Creedon, Principal Deputy Administrator, National Nuclear Security Administration 
  • Panel:
    • – Ms. Rebecca Hersman, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction
    • – Dr. Brad Roberts, Director, Center for Global Security Research, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    • – Commodore John Macdonald, Head of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Policy, UK MOD
    • – Dr. Keith Payne, CEO and President, National Institute for Public Policy & Professor and Head of the Graduate Department of Defense and Strategic Studies, Missouri State University

11:45-12:00      BREAK

12:00-1:30        LUNCH

1:00-1:30          Keynote Speaker: Perspectives on Deterrence

  • Mr. Peter Watkins, Director General Security Policy, UK MOD

1:30-1:50          BREAK

1:50-3:20          PANEL #2: How do we develop and operationalize an integrated capabilities (space, cyberspace, conventional, nuclear, etc.) deterrent strategy? 

  • Moderator: Mr. Michael Shoults, Deputy Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Integration, Headquarters U.S. Air Force
  • Panel:
    • – Mr. Greg Weaver, Deputy Director, Strategic Stability, Strategic Plans and Policy, Joint Staff
    • – Major General David Thompson, Vice Commander, Air Force Space Command
    • – Lieutenant General Pierre St-Amand, CMM, Deputy Commander NORAD
    • – Rear Admiral Kevin Kovacich, J5 Director U.S Cyber Command

3:20-3:40          BREAK

3:40-5:10          PANEL #3What is the future of arms control among major state powers?  

  • Moderator:   Ambassador Ronald Lehman, Counselor to the Director, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Panel:
    • – Lieutenant General (Ret) Patrick Chariax, Former Commander French Strategic Forces
    • – Dr. Jane Vaynman, Assistant Research Professor of International Affairs; Associate Director, Institute for Security and Conflict Studies, George Washington University
    • – Mr. Frank Rose, Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance, Department of State
    • – Ambassador Shingo Yamagami, Acting Director General of the JIIA

5:10-6:30          DINNER RECEPTION

6:30-Close        DINNER

Keynote Speaker: Perspectives on Deterrence

  • Ambassador Masafumi Ishii, Ambassador of Japan to NATO, Japan


28 JULY 2016



8:00-9:30          PANEL #4What are the deterrence, assurance and extended deterrence implications of changes in the Middle East?

  • Moderator: Mr. Michael Singh, Lane-Swig Senior Fellow and Managing Director, The Washington Institute
  • Panel:
    • – Mr. John MacKinney, Director, Nuclear and Radiological Policy, US Department of Homeland Security
    • – Mr. Ian Stallion, Deputy Director of the Nuclear Policy Division on the NATO International Staff
    • – Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D. is the Founder and President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD)
    • – Mr. Paul Bernstein, Senior Research Fellow at the National Defense University

09:30-9:50      BREAK

9:50-11:20      PANEL #5New Thinking on Deterrence – Academic Alliance 

  • Moderator: Dr. Emile A Nakhleh, Research Professor and Director, Global and National Security Policy Institute, University of New Mexico
  • Panel:
    • – Dr. Damon Coletta, Professor, Department of Political Science, U.S. Air Force Academy
    • – Dr. Matthew Kroenig, Associate Professor, International Relations Field Chair, Georgetown University
    • – Dr. Robert Oberst, Professor, Chair of Political Science, Nebraska Wesleyan University
    • – Dr. Darius Watson, Assistant Professor, Bellevue University

11:20-11:40      BREAK

11:40-12:30      LUNCH

12:30-1:00        Keynote Speaker: Perspectives on Deterrence

  • Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, State of Nebraska


1:05-1:25          BREAK

1:25-2:55          PANEL #6What are the deterrence, assurance and stability implications of state initiated Grey Zone conflicts?      

  • Moderator: Mr. William Miller, Director, Strategy, Plans & Policy, U.S. Special Operations Command, J5
  • Panel:
    • – CAPT Dariusz Wichniarek, Director of the Strategy and Defense Planning Department, Poland
    • – Mr. Sugio Takahashi, Ministry of Defense, Japan
    • – Mr. Michael Elliott, Former Deputy Director for Strategic Stability, The Joint Staff
    • – Ms. Kristin Ven Bruusgaard, Norwegian Institute for Defense Studies

2:55-3:15          CLOSING COMMENTS

  • Admiral Cecil D. Haney, Commander, U.S. Strategic Command