Major General Andis Dilans
Major General Andis Dilans
Chief of the Joint Staff
Latvian National Armed Forces
Latvia’s government appointed Major General Andis Dilāns as the new Chief of the Joint Staff of Latvian National Armed Forces (NBS). He will take this post on the 1st of November and will replace Major General Imants Ziediņš.

Dilāns has been serving in the NBS since 1992 and currently serves as the 1st rank Defence, Military, Air Force and Naval Attaché to the United States, as well as Defence Advisor to the United Nations at the Embassy of Latvia in Washington. As stated in the Personnel section of the NATO portal, he was born in 1970 in Ilukste, plays tennis and likes other open air activities.

Throughout his service Maj. Gen. Dilāns (rank given in 2014) has held the position of Commandant of the Baltic Defence College – BALTDEFCOL, which is located in Tartu, has worked as the Latvian military representative to NATO and the European Union, as well as once the Head of the Joint Staff of NBS (2007–2012). He has also held other important military positions over the years. He is also awarded with the Order of Viesturs.

During his military career Dilans served in the NATO-led international operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, performing the duties of the Deputy Commander of the Joint Swedish-Latvian Company and tasks related to operation planning

He received and expanded his military education both in Latvia and abroad. The Major General graduated from the National War College of the United States with a Master’s degree in national security strategy.