Mr. Garret Martin
Deputy Director Nuclear Policy
Garret Martin joined the Ministry of Defence in 2001, having previously worked in the Houses of Parliament as a Researcher. His early posts included tours in Service Personnel Policy, Nuclear Policy and as an operational policy adviser for Op TELIC (IRAQI FREEDOM).

On promotion to Grade 7 in 2006, he took responsibility for the MOD’s External Relations Unit, managing MOD’s interactions with the Devolved Administrations and regional and local government. He then transferred to Air Command, where he managed the RAF’s Parliamentary and Ministerial business.

Back in the MOD, and into the Finance and Military Capability area, he was responsible for presenting the MOD Equipment Programme as ‘balanced and affordable’ to the Treasury, National Audit Office and Public Accounts Committee, and for its disaggregation to the Front Line Commands in line with the Levene model. During this posting, Garret deployed as the POLAD to the Air Component Command for the 2011 Libya campaign, Op ELLAMY (UNIFIED PROTECTOR).

In 2013, Garret moved to Joint Forces Command, where he took up the role of Deputy Head, Joint Commands and Overseas Support, with oversight of the Overseas Bases in Cyprus, Gibraltar, the Falkland Islands and Diego Garcia. He also undertook a second POLAD deployment, this time into the Air Component Command in Al Udeid, where he provided policy advice for the opening phase of the campaign against Daesh/ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Op SHADER (INHERENT RESOLVE).

On promotion to the Senior Civil Service in 2016, Garret took up the role of Assistant Chief of Staff, J9 in the Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ), responsible for Policy, Legal and Media support to the UK’s overseas operations.

In 2020/21 Garret completed a Master’s Degree in International Security and Strategy with the Royal College of Defence Studies and King’s College, London. On completion, he returned to PJHQ to assume responsibility for the UK’s efforts, after the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, to relocate Afghans who had supported the UK’s operations in Afghanistan.

Garret assumed the post of Deputy Director Nuclear Policy in February 2022.