Mr. Richard McManus
Mr. Richard McManus
Senior Technical Advisor
U.S. Strategic Command, J5
A senior technical advisor and national defense strategist at United States Strategic Command, Richard “Lefty” McManus provides strategy, deterrence, and escalation dynamics advice to the Director of Plans and Policy. He actively engages Department senior leaders and staffs to advance Joint Force integration with expertise that spans geographic boundaries and mission areas.
Prior to retiring from the United States Navy in 2012, Richard led Commander United States Africa Command’s military planning to enforce United Nations Security Council Resolutions affecting Libya and Sudan. As a naval aviator, he commanded missions in CH-46 and MH-60S helicopters during military campaigns. Additionally, he served as aviation maintenance officer, shipboard Tactical Action Officer, Officer-of-the-deck, and helicopter instructor pilot.
Richard holds degrees from University of Notre Dame, University of West Florida, and Air University. He is a graduate of Army Command General Staff College and Air Force School of Advanced Air and Space Studies.